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Elevate Your Smart Home Experience with Control4's Latest Innovations

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Upgrade Your Control4 System and Make the Best of Your Tech Solutions!

Evolving technologies define the landscape of smart home integration. With smart technology rapidly changing, maintaining an up-to-date smart home system is not just a choice but a strategic necessity. Each software update and firmware enhancement holds the promise of improved functionality, heightened security, and seamless integration with the latest gadgets. 

At SuRe InnoVations, we want to help you maintain your luxurious lifestyle. That’s why in today’s blog, we’ll delve into the newest features available for your Control4 system, which were recently unveiled at the 2023 CEDIA Expo in September. Take a look to learn how these solutions can transform your life in Saskatoon, SK!

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Empowering User Control

Based on invaluable customer and Partner feedback, Snap One, the driving force behind Control4, has been diligently working on refining the Control4 user experience. One standout feature of the new OS 3.4 is the introduction of User Management. This allows homeowners to take control of their cloud-service subscriptions, creating a seamless and secure environment. Admin and standard account types ensure that only authorized individuals can invite new users, edit user information, define roles, and manage account details. It's a pivotal step towards bolstering security and reliability within the system.

In addition, Control4 OS 3.4 brings a game-changing update to event notifications. Now, homeowners can easily fine-tune their notification settings directly from the Control4 App. No need for a separate portal or integrator assistance. This careful balance between professional system management and user-friendly controls promises greater satisfaction as you gain more control over your smart home system.

Enhanced Surveillance and Lighting Control

The new software significantly enhances the surveillance camera experience by introducing in-app audio and Live View indicator improvements, ensuring you can always keep a watchful eye over your perimeter. 

When it comes to lighting, a redesigned control page simplifies colour temperature selection. This is particularly beneficial for the Control4 Vibrant Lighting line of LED solutions and allows you to make your spaces more inviting and aesthetically pleasing through an intuitive and efficient system.

CORE Lite Bundles with Halo Remotes

The introduction of CORE Lite bundles with Halo Remotes is yet another exciting development. The CORE Lite controller, designed for single-room use, packs a punch with its versatile array of ports, including ethernet, USB, and HDMI. It offers an HD menu, high-resolution audio streaming, and access to cloud subscriptions, providing users with a comprehensive suite of functionalities. Paired with the new Halo remote, navigating menus and accessing voice commands has never been easier.

At SuRe InnoVations, we are deeply committed to helping our clients make the most of their living spaces. Contact us today to find out all the ways our team can bring modernity and innovation to your lifestyle!

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