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Why Trust a Professional with Your Home Security Installation?


Gain peace of mind with a smart security system you can trust in your Saskatoon home

Are you thinking about upgrading your home’s security system? It might be tempting to install a DIY solution to save money. However, this could cause you problems in the long run. A professional solution is the best way to protect your home and family. Learn three reasons why you should trust a professional like SuRe InnoVations with your smart security system installation in Saskatoon, SK.

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Protect Your Vacation Cabin While Away with a Smart Security System


Gain Peace of Mind When You Monitor Your Second Property Remotely

Your cabin is a sacred getaway where you enjoy the outdoors, relax, unwind, and escape reality. However, owning a second property comes with a lot of responsibilities. How can you be sure your property is secure and that no damage has occurred since your last visit?

Regular walkthroughs can’t provide complete protection. Even if a cabin is checked weekly and a water line breaks shortly after the last visit, a lot of damage can happen before the problem is discovered.

Losing your getaway location in Saskatoon, SK for an extended period—especially as we’ve traded vacations for staycations this year—can be incredibly disappointing. Keep reading to find out how a smart security system can help you maintain your cabin’s security.


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Trust a Luxury Home Theater Designer for Big Picture and Sound


Discover What Products We Recommend for a Home Theater That’s Larger Than Life

Now that going to the movies looks a little different than it used to pre-COVID, we spend more time than ever at home streaming movies and TV shows instead. Why not create a commercial theater experience at home without all of the crowds and overpriced snacks? Get the most enjoyment out of your time at home by partnering with a home theater designer like SuRe InnoVations to create a luxurious private cinema that offers a big picture and big sound. Read on to learn what displays and sound systems would be a good fit for your home theater project in Saskatoon, SK.

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Discover Control4 at Our Exclusive C4Yourself Event


Come to Our Showroom to See the New Chime Video Doorbell, T4 Touchscreen, and More

Have you been thinking about upgrading your home with smart technology? As a certified Control4 dealer, we will be hosting a C4Yourself event at our Saskatoon Control4 showroom from October 28th to November 30th. When you RSVP here, you will be eligible for special promotions exclusive to the event!

Come to our event to check out the brand-new, limited-edition red Neeo Control4 smart home control remote in person, as well as many other new Control4 smart home editions! Want to learn more about what this event has to offer? Read on to discover all the benefits of attending our C4Yourself event!

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