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4 Standout Features of Our Home Electrical Installation Services


Trust SuRe InnoVations for All Your Smart Home Electrical Needs

Are you building or renovating your dream smart home? There must be plenty of things running through your head. But one thing that you should never overlook is the electrical installation.

If you opt for any ordinary electrical installer, you might need to get your wiring reworked afterwards to support smart lighting, security, backup power sources, and more. But if you work with a leading home technology and electrical services company like SuRe InnoVations, we can ensure your systems and electrical infrastructure are installed safely and efficiently from the start.

Read on to learn four standout features of our comprehensive electrical installation services for Saskatoon, SK homes.

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Improve Comfort and Convenience with These Control4 Upgrades!


Work with a Control4 Dealer to Enjoy Effortless Smart Home Control and Personalization in 2022

Founded in 2003, Control4 has continued to lead the home automation market due to their compatibility with over 15,000 third-party products and continuous technology upgrades that make managing a home easy and enjoyable. From controlling streaming music throughout the home to the lighting, security, climate, and even the ventilation in the garage, Control4 continues to expand their offerings, redefining what a smart home can do.

Are you ready to upgrade your Control4 system and experience the latest this leading home automation manufacturer has to offer? Let's look at some of their newest upgrades and innovations and explore what a Control4 dealer like our team at SuRe InnoVations can do for your Saskatoon, SK home.

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A Lutron Dealer Helps You Enhance Your Home and Lifestyle


Discover How the Innovative Solutions From Lutron Invigorate the Way You Live 

Smart home technology adds convenience and luxury to your lifestyle, furnishing you with a house that suits your needs and desires. Whether you want to become immersed in movies from your home theatre system, relax with multi-room music, or feel safer with intelligent security, every day is an enhanced experience. 

As a Lutron dealer, we understand that perhaps the most important part of your home automation is a lighting control that influences how your home looks and feels. A comprehensive lighting solution from SuRe InnoVations takes a more human-centric approach, enabling you to be happier, healthier, and more connected.

Are you curious about the possibilities for your Saskatoon, SK smart home? Continue reading below to learn more.

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The entertainment in your home inspires, soothes, and brings the family together. Music and movies influence your perceptions, mood, and general wellbeing with the same weight as temperature and lighting.

As a premier smart home company in the Saskatoon, SK area, we understand your desire for the finest audiovisual systems for your luxury home. Superior technology enhances watching sports in the media room, being energized by a song in the den, or becoming immersed by a film in your home theater

The winter days are growing shorter, and the approaching holidays signal more family gatherings and time indoors. Now is a perfect time to upgrade your home AV. Are you curious about the possibilities? Then continue reading below to learn more. 

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