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Improve Comfort and Convenience with These Control4 Upgrades!


Work with a Control4 Dealer to Enjoy Effortless Smart Home Control and Personalization in 2022

Founded in 2003, Control4 has continued to lead the home automation market due to their compatibility with over 15,000 third-party products and continuous technology upgrades that make managing a home easy and enjoyable. From controlling streaming music throughout the home to the lighting, security, climate, and even the ventilation in the garage, Control4 continues to expand their offerings, redefining what a smart home can do.

Are you ready to upgrade your Control4 system and experience the latest this leading home automation manufacturer has to offer? Let's look at some of their newest upgrades and innovations and explore what a Control4 dealer like our team at SuRe InnoVations can do for your Saskatoon, SK home.

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Notable OS 3 Updates

Control4 released their latest operating system OS 3 in 2019, providing homeowners with over a thousand enhancements—more features, a fresh interface, and better personalization! Their latest rollout of updates to OS 3 is just a few months old and presents homeowners with even more personalization and control.

Take advantage of Night Mode on your T3 and T4 touchscreens, which allows you to schedule when your screen goes blank to conserve energy and prevent unnecessary light from disturbing you in a dark room.

Music fans, get excited! The latest version of Control4 OS 3 allows you to fine-tune your hi-res streaming audio with new EQ controls so you can adjust different tones and enhance the nuances of various genres. Plus, save EQ settings for up to five zones to recall them at any time and make the most of your whole-home audio system.

T4 Touchscreen 

Still have Control4 T3 Touchscreens? Control4’s T4 Touchscreen is a worthwhile upgrade! A few new features include a brighter, 2x high-resolution screen, dual microphones, more powerful speakers, and a faster processor. Plus, the T4 seamlessly installs in the same backbox as your T3 Touchscreens to make installation a breeze.

Controller CA-10

The controller is your smart home’s brain. It allows your home's electronic devices to work together seamlessly, powering your home automation system and controlling your home, whether small apartments or sprawling estates.

Control4’s latest controller, CA-10, has four times the processing power and memory of their previous version. In addition, the system is protected with multiple fail-safes, offering enhanced troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities that make remote support effortless.

Chime Video Doorbell

We’ve talked about Control4’s new Chime video doorbell in previous articles, but in case you missed it, Chime is designed to leverage the many capabilities of Control4 OS 3! It offers crystal-clear images and a 180-degree field of view. Advanced motion detection can trigger real-time alerts of activity, letting you know someone’s near the front door before they even ring the bell. You can remotely see and talk to visitors, disarm the security system, unlock the door, open the garage, more—all from the same interface.

At SuRe InnoVations, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the latest technologies that make life a little sweeter and easier. And, because it’s cold outside, we’ve put a freeze on prices for upgrades! So, if you're looking for a media room designer, security company, electrical services provider, or Control4 home automation specialist, you’ve come to the right place. For a complimentary consultation, contact SuRe InnoVations today.

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