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Why a Strong Home Network is Essential Now More Than Ever


Save Frustration with a Reliable and Secure Home Network 

COVID-19 has caused millions of Canadians to be stuck at home due to shelter-in-place orders, forcing them to rely more heavily on their home networks for communication and essential tasks. While many of our customers in Saskatoon, SK previously installed their home networks themselves, they found that working with a company that provides professional network installation services ensured more security and reliability for their connected lives.

Even as restrictions lift, many people will still be working from home. While it’s a great benefit for some to be able to work remotely instead of having to fight traffic to get to the office every day, many are finding their home network is not as reliable as the one in their office, causing frustration, dropped video calls, and overall job performance woes.

That’s not the only issue homeowners are experiencing as they conduct more activities indoors that require internet connection. Read on to learn why now is a crucial time to ensure your network can support your increased work and leisure at home.

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Many People Are Working from Home

A reliable home network is vital if you need to work from home—while many businesses are still open, those that can are requiring their employees to work remotely. Working from home means you must have a network that can support high-bandwidth activities like video meetings while at the same time supporting other connected devices in your home, such as your smart TVs, mobile phones, security cameras, and home automation system.

Offices have extensive, enterprise-grade networks set up by professionals who specialize in network installation services because network connectivity is an essential part of running a successful business. Now that so many people are working at home, they need a network that can compete with the network offered by an office building so they can complete their vital work functions.

Many Students Are Going to School from Home

Just like so many offices around the country have closed, schools across the country are no longer open to students. While it’s summertime now, some schools may not open in the fall either. A strong home network can ensure students excel in school.

Kids without access to the internet have a big disadvantage—especially considering how today’s schools are embracing technology as essential to education. Amid COVID-19, the difference is only magnified as all schooling is moved to the internet.

Network Security Is More at Risk

Many criminals are trying to take advantage of the panic caused by COVID-19 for phishing attacks and scams. Google has detected 18 million malware and phishing messages per day related to COVID-19.

Many people are trying to take advantage of people staying at home, so your network is more at risk than ever to hackers. A proper home network installation can ensure your network is safe and protected from unscrupulous characters.

Find the Right Home Network Installation Provider Today

Let’s talk more about how our team can install a high-speed, reliable, and secure home network that you can rely on for current and future connectivity needs. Check out our new website for information on our various services and see how SuRe InnoVations can help you today!

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