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3 Ways to Keep Your Business Safe with Access Control

A man using his smartphone to access a building.

Keep your business and personnel safe with a top-level access control system!

Having full control of who comes in and out of your corporate building is the first step toward keeping your business secure. While alarms and surveillance systems are also necessary, an access control system will help you prevent any threats or emergencies way before they enter your property. Keep reading our blog to learn more about the ways access control helps you create a safer workplace in Saskatoon, SK. 

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Through Mobile Apps

Now more than ever before, smartphones have become a necessity in our everyday lives. Whether you need to set up an alarm to wake up early in the morning, check on your bank account, or manage your smart home automation system, you can effortlessly do it all by pressing a button on your smartphone.

Did you know that you can also keep your corporate building safe with the help of your smartphone? Mobile access control systems allow you to have full control over who accesses the different areas of your building and when. While users usually need to download an app, mobile entry controls are more efficient, as most people already have smartphones that don't need to be replaced as frequently as keys or cards. 

Through Access Codes

Another great way of saying goodbye to traditional keys and cards is access codes. These allow you to track, manage, and monitor entrance activity, without having to rely completely on other devices. Access codes are also easy to manage because you can simply deactivate them when you no longer need them.

Through Key FOBS 

Key fobs have been one of the most popular access control technologies for a few decades now, and it's easy to see why, as they are reliable, secure and easy to use, and they work for a number of commercial and residential spaces, such as parking garages, apartment complexes or office buildings.

Key fobs are great for keeping your space private and secure, as you can program them with special location and time restrictions. For example, if you want to protect school property, you can provide your staff with key fobs that allow them to access classrooms only during school hours, ensuring no one enters the building when they aren’t supposed to.

At SuRe InnoVations, we are deeply committed to helping our clients create a more secure workplace. Are you ready to integrate access control solutions across your business? Contact us right now by filling out this online form

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