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Perks of Adding a Security System to Your Home


Stay connected to your home no matter where you are

Summer is an excellent time to go on a vacation. But leaving your home can be stressful because of the constant worry that something might happen when you’re away. How can you get peace of mind that everything is fine even when you’re halfway across the world? Take advantage of a proactive security system that anticipates threats, alerts you when something is wrong, and lets you look in on live surveillance footage at any time. Below we outline how to keep your Saskatoon, SK, home, safe at all times with a professionally-installed security system.


Remote Access

One of the essential components of a smart security system is home surveillance. You can have security cameras installed throughout your home that cover both indoor and outdoor spaces. You can view real-time footage of the surveillance cameras on your smartphone or tablet at any time. If you’re away on vacation, you can still view what’s happening at home if you have access to an internet connection. Remote access also helps you take immediate action in case of security breaches. You can call for help right away, set off the alarm remotely, or lock doors with a single tap on your smart security app.

Boosted Security

Adding security cameras in plain sight in outdoor spaces is an excellent tactic for deterring crimes. Thieves and vandalizers look for spaces where they can easily break in—particularly those likely to be unoccupied during the summer months. But when the surveillance cameras are in easily seen locations, they’ll cause criminals to think twice. If someone does attempt a break-in, you’ll receive a notification immediately alerting you that something is wrong. With an alarm system integrated, authorities will be contacted as well for a prompt response.

Identifies Leaks

A smart security system will send out alerts and hazard notifications to your smartphone or any other connected device in case of gas leaks or smoke detection. It also alerts the authorities so that help can arrive in time. All this is possible even when you’re away from your home, enjoying a much-needed vacation with the family.  Water detection sensors also alert you of any water leaks within the home, letting you remotely shut off the water in your home in case of a leak. This can help you avoid hundreds of thousdands of dollars worth of damage. 

Are you ready to add a security system to your smart home in Saskatoon, SK? SuRe InnoVations brings you the best smart security solutions in town. Get in touch today to start your project. You can call us at (306) 974-0888 or fill out an easy online contact form to get more details.

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