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4 Benefits of Adding Motorized Shades to Your Home


Easily create an energy-efficient space with motorized shades

If you’re looking for smart home technology that makes your life easier and more enjoyable, motorized shades should be at the top of your list. Say goodbye to adjusting individual window treatments by hand in every room! Motorized shades allow you to open, close, and adjust shades anywhere in your home at the touch of a button.

Below, we’ve listed four notable benefits of motorized shades and window treatments that prove just how transformative this smart technology solution could be for your home and lifestyle in Saskatoon, SK. Keep reading! We also explain some of the reasons why Lutron shades are our go-to shading solutions. 

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Reduced Energy Consumption

One of the biggest reasons why smart shading solutions are beneficial for homes is that they can help reduce energy consumption. By scheduling your shades to lower or close on their own at peak sun hours, you won’t have to worry about excessive heat from the sun warming your home and keeping your air conditioner running. We recommend using Lutron honeycomb shades designed to trap heat to keep it in during the winter and out during the summer. Use natural warmth from the sun to heat your home rather than relying heavily on your heater.

You can also schedule your shades to open at sunrise and close at sunset to take advantage of natural light rather than relying on your home lighting system all day. This feature also adds peace of mind knowing all shades in your home are closed at night, keeping passersby from peering into your home.

Centralized Control

Rather than using cords and rods on individual shades to lift and lower them, now you can operate any and every shade in your home from a mobile app or custom wall keypads. Whether you want to adjust shades in one room, several rooms, or throughout the whole home, you can with just a button tap.

We recommend working with Palladiom shades from Lutron. Not only do they feature hand-finished aluminum brackets ideal for any architectural style, but you also get to feature beautifully sleek keypads. Palladiom keypads come in glass, metal and matte finishes with and custom-engraved buttons featuring your favorite scenes. 

Create custom smart home scenes like “Good Morning” that lift shades on the western side of your home for energizing, indirect sunlight in the morning, or create a scene like “Away” that closes all shades in the home before you leave for work or vacation. Scenes can be personalized to your needs!

Noiseless Operation

We work with industry-leading shading manufacturers like Lutron, which develop whisper-quiet motors for all their window treatments, no matter the type or size. You won’t ever have to deal with distractingly loud motors in the background. In fact, their motors are quiet enough for noise-sensitive rooms, like nurseries and dedicated listening rooms!

UV Protection

UV rays from the sun can significantly deteriorate and discolor your furniture and artwork over time. With motorized shades, you can reduce or eliminate the harmful effects of UV rays by ensuring your shades are closed at certain times of the day, blocking UV rays from damaging your interiors.

And don’t worry about losing the benefits of daylight—motorized solar shades allow filtered sunlight to brighten your home while keeping UV rays out!

SuRe InnoVations offers the best solutions for motorized shades in Saskatoon, SK. Lutron offers both wired and wireless motorized shades. The former is great for building new homes where it's easier to integrate all hardwirign needed. The latter option is ideal for renovating existing spaces or upgrading existing shades. 


If you’re interested in getting them for your smart home, get in touch with us today. Give us a call at (306) 974-0888 or fill out an easy online contact form to get more details. We would love to work with you!

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