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Revitalize Your Life with a Lighting Control System


Discover How Circadian Lighting Will Improve Your LIFE in Saskatoon, SK

We’re spending more time than ever indoors, and we’re starting to feel it. Our bodies are hardwired to function best in sunlight, not under the harsh artificial lighting we spend most of our day in. Ketra by Lutron offers a wide array of tunable LED lighting products built with your wellness in mind.

Circadian lighting is the practice of using artificial light to mimic the changing color temperature and brightness of the sun to improve the regulation of your circadian rhythm. This tunable light solution helps improve your physical and mental health.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of implementing a lighting control system in your Saskatoon, SK home and why working with SuRe InnoVations will achieve the best results.

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Limits of Traditional Lighting

One shortcoming of generic white LED lighting is that it is always the same color regardless of light intensity. Stagnant lighting can cause issues with productivity and concentration. Ketra’s Natural Light, in contrast, uses both intensity and color temperature for a more customizable experience. Personalized lighting is better for your overall comfort in unique ways. Lighting control, for example, allows you to adjust your lighting to the perfect intensity and color temperature, which can eliminate the harsh glare that causes vision-based headaches and poor visual acuity. Traditional lighting cannot compensate for this glare and poses a danger to older family members because of vision strain and the risk of tripping and falling. You can customize your lighting to best fit your visual needs. But the benefits aren’t limited to the elderly. Better vision means more accurate work and more productivity.

Harmony With Nature

Dynamic lighting will help you to feel in harmony with nature. Utilize cool and bright lighting in the morning to facilitate concentration. Then, when it is time to transition from work to relaxation, your lights will warm and dim to help you unwind and prepare for rest. Ketra’s Natural Light solution is a patented technology that makes it easy to access an almost infinite spectrum of color temperatures using a custom chip and emitter design. Ketra uses your precise location to pre-program your natural light to match the light outside in your area. Enjoy increased comfort and personalization with lighting that improves your well-being.

The SuRe InnoVations Advantage

When you work with a custom technology integrator who also excels as a full-service electrical company for your lighting control system, you’ll receive the benefit of a well-thought-out design and integration solution that goes above and beyond what a standard electrical company can offer. Traditional electrical companies don’t always take into account the unique needs of your property and lifestyle.

By partnering with SuRe InnoVations, we will help you through every step of the process so you receive a smart lighting solution that meets your unique needs. We can integrate your lighting control technology with your smart home system from leading dealers like Control4 and Savant, as well as voice control solutions from Alexa, Google, or the more advanced

To find out more, call us at (306) 974-0888 or fill out our online contact form. You can also message us using the chat box at the bottom of your web browser. We would love to hear from you!

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