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Why We Love Sonance Speakers


Learn Why We Recommend Sonance Speakers for Your Saskatoon Area AV Installation

Imagine hearing your favorite playlists in every room of your home. With a multi-room audio system paired with discreet architectural speakers from Sonance, you can stream music throughout your home from your favorite streaming services, CDs, radio stations and more. Best of all, Sonance speakers blend in seamlessly with your home’s décor to ensure your carefully crafted interior design isn’t ruined by bulky audio components. Keep reading to learn why you should include Sonance speakers as part of the next AV installation in your Saskatoon, SK home.


Heard, Not Seen

The Invisible Series by Sonance are in-wall and in-ceiling speakers completely concealed after they are installed and finished over with a material that matches your surfaces. Awarded the "Best New Product" at the 2020 CEDIA Expo, these speakers offer a best-in-class 170˚ dispersion, meaning that the sound is evenly dispersed throughout your space without losing sound quality or volume no matter where you are standing. They also feature "Constant Directivity Crossover" technology for smooth off-axis frequency response. For homeowners who want a more visual but still low-profile design, Sonance's Visual Performance Series speakers install flush with your surfaces and feature an award-winning grille that can be painted to blend with your walls and ceilings.

Innovative Components

Sonance Invisible Series speakers feature innovative Motion Flex Technology for unparalleled acoustic performance. This revolutionary design includes a Wave Flex Drive Unit, an Air Flex Woofer, an Acoustically Isolated Baffle, and Constant Directivity Crossover technology to produce uncompromising quality from the compact system.

Sonance's design includes an acoustically isolating baffle that enables the power of the Wave Flex Drive Unit and Air Flex Woofer by keeping the bender of the Wave Flex Drive Unit from interrupting the pistonic motion of the Air Flex Woofer. Why is this important? The Sonance Wave Flex Drive Unit is a high-bandwidth midrange and high-frequency transducer that uses its bend to deliver crisp and clear high frequencies. The Air Flex Woofer utilizes a glass-fiber woofer and an acoustically inert diaphragm, creating an air chamber to provide powerful bass.

When you partner with an expert in home audio design and installation, you will enjoy high-quality sound without sacrificing the aesthetic of your home with bulky and distracting audio components.

SuRe InnoVations is the premier home audio expert and electrician in Saskatoon, SK. To learn more about Sonance home audio and how to bring it to your residence, reach out to us here to book a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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