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Samsung’s The Terrace: Benefits & Features of Outdoor TVs

Outdoor dining area by a pool with The Terrace outdoor TV mounted on wall.

Explore Outdoor TVs That Withstand Rain, Snow, Heat & Glare 

We don’t take our summers for granted here in Saskatoon. When it’s a warm summer day, we want to make the most of it—which is why it’s a shame to spend time indoors watching TV or movies. 

But what if you could enjoy both fresh air and your favourite entertainment? Outdoor TVs like The Terrace by Samsung are changing the game with weather-resistant technology. These displays can endure nearly all weather conditions and stay permanently installed on your patio, porch, or backyard. 

Let’s explore the benefits of Samsung’s outdoor TVs and how they’ll work for your Saskatoon, SK, home. 

New In Outdoor Audio: Focal’s OD Stone 8


Powerful Sound That Camouflages Into Outdoor Spaces

At SuRe InnoVations, we’re always on the lookout for the latest developments in audio to provide our customers in Saskatoon. So we’re thrilled that our partner Focal has unleashed an all-new outdoor speaker, the OD Stone 8, just in time for spring and summer. 

Focal is a renowned high-end audio manufacturer based in France and has been one of our go-to brands for outdoor audio for years. The OD Stone 8 makes a promising addition to their Littora 200 outdoor speaker line and is fully durable against all weather conditions and temperatures. 

HiFi 101: Unveiling the Art of High-Quality Sound


Tips for Building Your Dream Audio System

The world of HiFi audio is like unlocking a new dimension in your favorite music. It lets you transform your space into a live concert, where every strum, beat, and note is crystal clear. Think of it as the VIP audiophile experience in the comfort of home. Our Hi-Fi 101 guide is your backstage pass to understanding the game-changers: amplifiers, DACs, sources, and speakers. They're your toolkit for building an epic sound system that doesn't just play music but brings it to life. Whether a vinyl veteran or a streaming superstar, getting your setup right means every listening session in your Saskatoon, SK, home is an experience. 

Using an Older Control4 System? 4 Reasons to Update

Hand tapping a Control4 Contemporary wall keypad with buttons labeled “Dine,” “Cook” and “Entertain.”

Upgrade Your Smart Home with SuRe InnoVations, Saskatoon’s Control4 Dealer 

Was your home’s Control4 system installed in the early 2000s or 2010s? Even if it performs well, you’re missing out on a world of possibilities and benefits that have been rolled out since then. 

With help from a certified Control4 dealer like SuRe InnoVations, you can update your existing smart home system with the latest OS 3 software and hardware. Here’s what a Control4 upgrade can bring to your Saskatoon, SK, smart home. 

How Working with an Electrical Contractor Elevates Your Projects

A person’s hands in view working on wiring with a plier tool.

Let SuRe Innovations Empower Your Smart Home Dreams

Turning your Saskatoon, SK, home into a technologically advanced haven requires precision, expertise, and a seamless integration of various electrical components. While the DIY route might seem tempting, the complexities involved in smart home installations often demand the skills of a seasoned professional—and, oftentimes, a non-certified electrician is outright incapable of putting the low-voltage wiring required for smart technology into a home.

This is where an electrical contractor like SuRe Innovations becomes an invaluable partner in transforming your vision into a reality. Let our team of experts bring your smart systems to life! Check out what working with our team entails by reading below.

Why You Should Invest in Commercial Security Systems Right Now

A surveillance camera overlooking the lobby of a building.

Let us help you take care of the security of your business's security!

In an era of technological advancements and evolving security threats, safeguarding commercial spaces has become more critical than ever. Businesses that invest in comprehensive commercial security systems are able to protect their assets, employees, and sensitive information more effectively, ensuring the success of their operations.

This blog explores the importance of investing in professional commercial security solutions and how adding the right technologies to your property in Saskatoon, SK, can help you ensure your assets and team are always protected. 

Experience Hands-Free Luxury with a Premier Dealer

man sits on chair, holding a toy in front of a sitting brown dog. A Josh Micro is installed on the wall behind him.

Let SuRe InnoVations Bring Privacy-Minded Voice Control to Your Property

In the heart of Saskatoon, homeowners are always searching for ways to elevate their living experiences, enhancing the routines they do every day. Enter, a voice control platform that's so much more than another smart home gadget! The latest iteration is now powered by the groundbreaking generative AI capabilities of ChatGPT. transforms the way you interact with your home, opening up a world of possibilities that were previously unimaginable. 

As a premier dealer, SuRe InnoVations has the pleasure of introducing our clients to the future of smarter, more intuitive living. Keep reading to explore how the newest voice assistant in the industry is changing the smart home experience, one voice command at a time.

Elevate Your Smart Home Experience with Control4's Latest Innovations

A man browses his Control4 app for entertainment.

Upgrade Your Control4 System and Make the Best of Your Tech Solutions!

Evolving technologies define the landscape of smart home integration. With smart technology rapidly changing, maintaining an up-to-date smart home system is not just a choice but a strategic necessity. Each software update and firmware enhancement holds the promise of improved functionality, heightened security, and seamless integration with the latest gadgets. 

At SuRe InnoVations, we want to help you maintain your luxurious lifestyle. That’s why in today’s blog, we’ll delve into the newest features available for your Control4 system, which were recently unveiled at the 2023 CEDIA Expo in September. Take a look to learn how these solutions can transform your life in Saskatoon, SK!

Is Your Media Room in Need of an Upgrade?

Luxury media room with a gray sectional, skylight, and large Samsung Micro-LED display mounted on the wall.

Expert Tips from Saskatoon's Top Media Room Designer 

Do you want a better way to enjoy your favorite movies and music? For Saskatoon, SK, residents who aspire to elevate their living spaces, SuRe Innovations is the media room designer that turns this vision into reality. With our HTA Luxury certification, we offer more than state-of-the-art technology—we provide a holistic approach to enhancing your entertainment. 

Our commitment to first-class service ensures every detail, from the audio-visual components to the room's acoustics, is meticulously planned and executed. Below are some ways we craft luxury entertainment spaces for our clients. 

Is Your Home Ready for a Holiday Season Full of Entertainment?

A couple dances to music playing on a Sonos speaker.

Prepare Your Home for the Upcoming Season by Upgrading Your Whole-House Audio!

The holiday season is a time of joy, laughter, and memorable gatherings with family and friends. And for this reason, there’s no time to waste when it comes to preparing our homes to welcome our loved ones and have a good time celebrating. If you are thinking of starting to get ready to open your doors and host amazing reunions, we highly recommend prioritizing upgrading your whole-house audio solutions. After all, the heart of an entertaining holiday season lies in creating a fun, festive mood with the right music. 

In this article, we’ll explore how this cutting-edge technology can boost any celebration around your loved ones in Saskatoon, SK, this upcoming season. Take a look! 

Keep the Fun of Holiday Lights All Year Long with Oelo Lighting

A luxury home illuminated by Oelo lighting.

Discover How These Lighting Solutions Can Make Your Home Festive at All Times!

We know what you’re thinking. Who even starts talking about Christmas lights in the middle of the summer? Well, believe it or not, when it comes to Oelo lighting, there’s no season or time of the year that’s too early to start preparing. These permanent holiday lighting solutions are the perfect way to make your outdoor areas more beautiful, inviting, and fun without dealing with the troublesome task of untangling cords and climbing on your ceiling to hang them up.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of Oelo lighting and discover why they are the perfect all-year holiday lighting solution for your Saskatoon, SK, home. Take a look!

Keep Your Business Safe with the Power of Commercial Security

A commercial security camera is overlooking the inside of a building.

Protect Your Property, Employees, and Customers with Our Solutions

What do a school campus, an office building, a restaurant, and a department store have in common? They all need cutting-edge commercial security installations to keep their perimeters safe. From safeguarding assets to protecting employees, businesses are increasingly relying on advanced security systems. 

This blog will explore the cutting-edge technologies that fortify your business against potential threats. Keep reading to discover how to protect your commercial spaces in Saskatoon, SK, while you are away!

Explore the Many Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

Two people sitting on a couch in a home with an open-floor concept.

Manage Daylight & Privacy with One Touch

At SuRe InnoVations, we’ve been helping our clients in Saskatoon, SK, integrate home automation solutions that enhance their everyday lives for 13 years. Of the many smart systems, including lighting, climate, security, and entertainment, one of our clients’ favorites is motorized window treatments

Gone are the cords and manually adjusting shades as the sun transitions across the sky and night falls. Today, you can experience effortless control, managing daylight and privacy with one touch of a button or voice command. We can also program your shades to adjust automatically, raising and lowering based on the sun’s rays and time of day. 

Let’s explore this remarkable smart technology and its many benefits to our clients.

Why Hire A HTA-Certified Dealer for Your Home Technology Project

A man has his arm around a boy sitting on the couch. They are both watching television.

Discover the importance of working with a dealer evaluated by the Home Technology Association

Smart technology has become an essential part of our daily lives, and many homeowners are upgrading their homes to include technology. Home automation technology enhances comfort, security, and convenience while improving energy efficiency and reducing monthly costs, from lighting control to smart thermostats to security systems. 

The best way to transform your home into a smart home is to work with a professional technology integrator– but how do you choose the right company for your project? The Home Technology Association has taken most of the guesswork out of this process, allowing you to create the smart home of your dreams. This blog discusses the importance of working with an HTA-certified dealer.

Top Ways to Enjoy Your Best Summer Days with an Outdoor Audio System

An outdoor seating area with covert outdoor speakers hidden in the gardens.

Get ready for the warmer months of the year with outdoor entertainment technologies!

Although the chilly weather we’re having in Saskatoon, SK, makes it hard to think about, the warmer summer season is right around the corner. Soon, the sun will shine bright and warm, the flowers will bloom, and the air will smell like freshly-cut green grass. If this brings up lovely childhood memories, you’re not the only one! 

Want to revive the unforgettable summers of the past? Adding an outdoor audio system to your home is a great first step. Don’t let summer sneak up on you unprepared! Calling the experts at SuRE InnoVations today will ensure you and your family have countless hours of alfresco fun when the warmer season arrives. 

Keep reading this blog to explore a few fun ways to take a trip down memory lane with some very modern outdoor sound systems!

Balance the Fun of Multi-Room Audio with the Beauty of Invisible Speakers

A luxury media room with invisible speakers.

Let Your Home Remain Stylish While Enjoying Your Favourite Audio Content

Home entertainment is an essential element of any luxury home. After all, what is the point of spending thousands of dollars on high-end systems and devices if you won’t be having fun with any of them? One of our favourite home entertainment technologies is multi-room audio, as it allows you to fill your home with fun and joy with one simple press of a button. 

In today’s blog, we will explore a few benefits of adding whole-home audio and how we can help you keep your Saskatoon, SK, spaces modern and stylish in the process —take a look! 

Imagine What Life Can Be Like in a Savant Smart Home

An open-concept home with beautiful wood floors.

Enjoy a Luxurious Lifestyle with the Latest Home Automation

Imagine a home that prepares itself for you in advance, responding based on the time of day or task. It creates the perfect setting, aligning your lighting, shades, climate, and entertainment for every mood or activity. 

For instance, you may wake to shades slowly rising, letting in the first rays of dawn. The lights softly illuminate, emulating the color of the rising sun. Your smart home has already adjusted the temperature, so your home is nice and warm, and you hear your “Good Morning” playlist stream through the bedroom before you even put your feet on the floor. When you head to the kitchen, you find your latte prepared and your favorite newscaster displayed on the TV. A life of luxury. 

At SuRe InnoVations, we specialize in customized smart home integration. Let’s explore some of the unique features of a Savant smart home and how it elevates your daily experiences at your home in Saskatoon, SK.

New Year, New Control4 Home

A woman is looking at the new Halo remote from Control4

Get the latest Control4 upgrades and enjoy a renewed smart living experience

Having a Control4 home means enjoying a simplified lifestyle. It means getting away from daily stresses and creating more enjoyable spaces where you feel happy, inspired, and motivated. Recently, Control4 announced a few upgrades that will take your smart living experience to an even higher level. 

Are you curious about how these upgrades in Control4 automation systems can enhance your home in Saskatoon, SK? Keep reading this blog! 

Make Your Holidays Unforgettable with Whole-Home Audio

A Sonos speaker livens up a holiday party while two friends chat in the back.

Bring more music and joy to this wonderful season!

Music has been described as the language of the soul, the literature of the heart, and the moonlight in the gloomy night of life. We believe that music is, in reality, just like a time machine. It has the power to take you back to your deepest, fondest memories.

Who hasn't felt a wave of nostalgia crashing whenever a song of their teenage years comes on the radio? Whether that was in the 90s, 80s, or the 60s, just hearing a few notes will bring back the memories of summer nights with friends and your high school sweetheart. 

On the same note, who hasn't had a warm fuzzy feeling when listening to Frank Sinatra's silky voice singing a classic Christmas carol? Toss in a fireplace and a cup of hot cocoa, and the memories of previous Christmasses around all your family and friends will start to rise. 

The importance of music, especially around this time of the year, is undoubted. For this reason, one of the best ways to prepare your home for all the festive cheer is to integrate a whole-home audio system in your Saskatoon, SK, home. Keep reading our blog below to learn how this installation can boost every activity this upcoming holiday season. 

Share Love This Christmas Season with Gifts That Make a Difference

A man and a woman smile while their daughter happily shows them her Christmas presents, still wrapped.

Amaze your family and friends this season with presents that enhance their integrated smart home system and elevate their lifestyle!

The holidays are almost here in Saskatoon, SK! This beautiful season is the perfect time to gather with family and friends, enjoy delicious meals and share love and happiness with those around us. At SuRe Innovations, we believe you can convey the spirit of the season with smart tech gifts that make a true difference in your loved ones’ lives. Are you interested in integrated smart home system technologies that bring comfort, luxury and functionality? Keep reading this blog to discover these amazing gift ideas!


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